Representation Matters

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is an organization that calls on the Yoga “world” at large to address these issues. Body positivity, equal representation, advocacy for inclusion. These issues are integral to the organization and it’s founders. A movement in its own right, they are changing the shape, size, color, race, creed and nature of what it means to practice yoga today.


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Yoga and Body Image Coalition

Household Dietary Diversity Score

2 billion people suffer from micro nutrient deficiencies. Lack of access to water, food sources, and socioeconomic factors play into this. In a world where community is increasingly divided and isolation and anxiety are prevalent – it’s time for the yoga community to step up and discuss what it means to be whole. Not from a weight loss/weight gain perspective, or from a couture/gourmet elite organic lifestyle…. We need to remind ourselves about yoga ethical behavior and conduct. Respecting diversity in our nutrition is key to a better state of equinimity in our bodies – whatever shape they may be.

Here are some great resources on this:

Be Nourished

Free Ayurveda Course


Research source

Yoga & Nutrition book




Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species, and of ecosystems.

Yoga practices and communities are building ways to continue to respect the Earth and preserve the rich balance of life we so rarely appreciate.

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 Moksha / Modo

Canadian Biodiversity Strategy




Apply for Social Seva

Part of our Program is dedicated to recognizing and implementing education that advocates being in service of others.


We offer programs that ensure teachers are able to work to integrate their yoga with a service to elevating humanity in a tangible, practical way.

As of September 1, 2017, All Certified Teachers must supply a 100 hour social seva work status minimum to be recognized as a fully licensed Amara Vidya Teacher.

In order to continue maintaining their credential status, they must submit a 12 hour social seva volunteer minimum per annum (1 hour per month).


Contact Us to learn how to apply to the social seva program.

If you are already an Amara Vidya teacher, contact us how to maintain your status by entering the Social Seva Program.