Seva Program Three: Sustainability



Your purchase will include a download package and an assistance guide in setting up your own community network. Part of this will give you a process to join an existing networking group and the Amara Vidya Networking Group. Completion of a minimum 20 hours with proof of the work you’ve done in your community will earn you one third of the Amara Vidya Karma Seva certification. The completion of the assignments count toward your 500 hour YTT certification. You are under no obligation to complete this course, and are free to use it exclusively for personal development.

No refunds upon purchase of this product. All materials, including but not limited to edits, changes and additions are © 2015-2019 by Amara Vidya Yoga School.  The Amara Vidya Yoga School claims its copyright and any other intellectual property rights in its web site and all information, software, data, or other contents of any kind on or interlinked with the Amara Vidya web site.


What is included in this purchase:

Upon purchase confirmation you will receive an email that includes

  • A step by step guide to setting up network groups
  • Access to the Amara Vidya Facebook Group
  • Recommended Social Networking Initiatives and options
  • A workshop builder guide
  • Assignment
  • Submission form

All submissions are subject to review and approval not guaranteed upon purchase of this program. The first submission review is $25. Any subsequent submission may require additional fees.