Massage Therapy Yoga Teacher Training

Massage Therapist Yoga

you get more than just paper from our teacher training

Combined online and in person training


Using Livewebconnect service, train from your home or office in realtime. Take added preredcorded materials toward certification at your own pace.

Accessible Yoga Training

For this year, the Accessible Yoga training with Jivana Heyman and the Accessible Yoga Conference is INCLUDED in the training cost at a significant discount.

Receive Built-in YACEP

For not much difference between taking a 200 hour elsewhere, this exclusive price gets you a 500 hr Yoga Alliance certification, and YA recognized trainin in Restorative, Yin and Flow.

Compare the Cost

This is a deal specifically crafted with Massage Therapists and healthcare practitioenrs in mind. At Amara Vidya, we strongly believe that any yoga class that involves physical posture practice requires a teacher with background and knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics. Many manual therapists already have extensive knowledge in this, beyond what the typical yoga teacher training expects. We don’t think it’s fair to force these healthcare practitioners to reinvent the wheel, therefore they are exempt. We have also managed to get a reduction of rates in some of the programs offered in general due to our newest *Livewebconnect program. We are a school that believes in personal, individualized training. We are also a school dedicated to Accessibility standards. This is why we believe this incredible deal is something worth sharing!